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In keeping with this spirit, the 80 monumental red and gold porcelain vases of Clare Twomey's Made in China (2010) will be displayed throughout the YCBA during the exhibition.
In an effort to at least suggest what wonders the cabinet contained, the Delany exhibit includes an installation of a cabinet created by Jane Wildgoose (2009) with items from both YCBA and Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History.
'The two art museums are independent sisters--although we are the jewel in the crown,' explains the smiling Amy Meyers, a Yale alumna who since her appointment as director in 2002 has transformed YCBA into a world-class interdisciplinary research centre.
For the objects themselves, YCBA, like the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art based in London, funds research trips, encourages coursework mixing science and art, and annually brings about 20 research fellows from around the world.
It was a missed opportunity, despite the mix of media that was a consistent strength of this display, not to show Wilson's process of constructing grand manner Roman landscapes by hanging sketches next to oils --a possibility in the low-light conditions of the YCBA's third floor.
The YCBA has also collaborated in Paul Mellon: A Cambridge Tribute (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 12 June-23 September); and Reflections of a Life with Horses, on Alfred Munnings (The National Sporting Library, Middleburg, VA, 20 April-29 March, 2008).