YCF1Yeast Cadmium Factor 1
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Genes accD, cemA, clpP, ndhA, rpl32, rpl36, rps16, sprA, trnA-UGC, trnL-UAA, and ycf1 were found to be highly diverged.
(9) ycf1. Many InDels (37 region) were found in the fastest evolving gene, that is, ycf1 gene.
MG102 is hypersensitive to AS(III) because both ACR3, which encodes a plasma membrane As(III) extrusion carrier, and YCF1, which encodes a homologue of the ATP binding cassette ATPase multidrug resistance-associated protein (ABC ATPase MRP) (Cole et al.
Extensions of the IR into the genes rps19 and ycf1 were identified (Figure 1) resulting in its pseudogenization due to incomplete duplication.