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According to him, YCL cadres have been occupying government and privately owned houses in Balaju Industrial Area, Sitapaila, Kirtipur, Gongabu, Samakhushi, Kapan, Jorpati, Gwarko, Ekantakuna, Lele, Bhaktapur, Sallaghari, and Palashe in the valley, Kantipur reported.
The contrast in goals between the YCL and the YMCA could not have been more stark in their respective attempts to deal with the unemployed.
Dilip Shrestha, an YCL activist of Balkot said, "We will surely take action if we find any body involved in teasing girls walking on the road."
"Although YCL are repeatedly attacking our cadres, we have always maintained that a solution should be found through dialogue," he added.
He launched an aggressive attack against the YCL in Montreal, declaring that "our policy departed from the program of the Young Communist International, and if you continue with your policy, you will be expelled from the movement in Canada." I had never met Max, but I concluded that he was a Communist International representative, the first and only one I had ever met.
Cadres of the Maoist youth front Young Communist League (YCL) beat up a group of people who were returning home after taking part in the peace rally at Bhaluwahi in the district headquarters today.
Scurrilous and personalized, this one-sided repudiation of Spector harkened back to the disaffected Jewish branch of the YCL. According to Krehm and his supporters, in the interval between Spector's return from the Sixth Congress and his exit from the Canadian Party, one of North America's leading Left Oppositionists did little to develop an admittedly incoherent oppositional current within the Canadian communist movement and, indeed, aligned with Stalinist bureaucrats such as Sam Carr to expel the hard-to-handle Jewish youth.
Kathmandu, June 15 (ANI): Traffic has come to a standstill here today as cadres affiliated to the Young Communist League (YCL) and other Maoist affiliated organisations called an impromptu shutdown protesting against the suspicious death of their fellow cadre.
(81) For some Canadian examples of the impact of "self criticism" on party discourse, see the exhanges between YCL member Oscar Ryan and Florence Custance, NAC, CF, Reel 7, File 57, Synopsis of Minutes of the Political Committee, 15 June 1928; Minutes of Special Political Committee Meeting, 17 July 1928; and between B.
The conditions include transforming UCPN (Maoist) into a civilian party, end of para-military structure of the Young Communist League (YCL) and return of all the properties seized during the insurgency period among others.