YCLTYavatmal College for Leadership Training (India)
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The co-citation network of 53 YCLT empirical studies: overview
However, from the co-citation network, it is apparent that the YCLT research is dominated by studies of language learning and digital literacy.
In addition, the co-citation network of YCLT suggests that digital literacy appears as an important emerging stream.
Compared with Hsin et al.'s (2014) conceptual analysis, ours provides further bibliographic evidence by co-citation network analysis to exhibit the current developments of digital literacy in the YCLT literature.
In this present study, we take a distinct viewpoint by integrating co-citation analysis and social network analysis to examine the YCLT literature using their cited references.
Overall, the integrative approach of co-citation network analysis in this study offers researchers a relational overview of the core papers, and a structural understanding of the YCLT research network which reflects a field's view of itself.
Researchers may include new citation data and newly published papers to analyze the YCLT research network.
With the fast-developing technologies and prevalent technology use in everyday life, the issue of young children's learning with technology (YCLT) has become increasingly important (Plowman, Stephen, & McPake, 2010).
(2014) and the other abovementioned reviews, how YCLT studies relate to each other is still unknown.
To answer the above research questions, this study presents a structural overview of the current YCLT research based on the analysis of large citation data.
Therefore, this study contributes a bibliographic insight into the review study and provides a visualization overview of the contemporary YCLT literature.
Based on Hsin et al.'s (2014) research review on the influence of young children's use of technology for learning, a total of 87 empirical articles on YCLT were identified as candidate papers for this study.