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YCSYu-Gi-Oh Championship Series (card game)
YCSYukon Conservation Society (Canada)
YCSYears Commissioned Service (US DoD)
YCSYoung Catholic Students (various locations)
YCSYale Classical Studies
YCSYou Can Succeed (student program)
YCSYellow Card Scheme (adverse drug reaction reporting system; UK)
YCSYouth Clinical Services (Toronto, Canada)
YCSYarmouth Central School (Canada)
YCSYankee Computer Society
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Since launching in 2013, YCS has become a trusted partner for more than 300 superyachts sailing the Mediterranean and the Atlantics.
Long term cost of Yield on 10-year US US10Y FRED capital: Treasury Note Tightness of US Fed funds rate FF FRED monetary policy: Expected Fed Difference between EPC FRED tightening 6-month futures contract on fed funds and current fed funds rate Equity Market CBOE S&P500 VIX FRED Volatility Volatility VIX Liquidity conditions TED Spread (the TED FRED in the interbank difference between market: the three-month LIBOR and the three -month T-bill interest rate) Risk aversion in the Yield Curve Steepness YCS FRD bond market difference between yield on 10-year Note and the 3-month T-bill Investor appetite for Monthly Return on MOM S&P Emerging Market the S&P 500-Monthly and Equities return on MSCI EM MSCI Investor appetite for EMBI+ spread EMBI J.
The project began in March when the Laurie Foundation challenged YCS to raise $50,000 for a match grant.
In June, Bullock won bronze in his age group in the final of the YCS in Edinburgh and followed that with a silver medal in the Open Youth Event in London.
YCS partner Charles Raine, who joined Youngs in 2003, said: "Simon has been a mentor, friend and great pleasure to work with.
In this paper we present a version of the simple accuracy-based YCS (Bull, 2005) which is derived from XCS (Wilson, 1995), here termed YCSc.
The YCS has been used extensively as a resource to analyse educational outcomes and subsequent transitions into the labour market (Dolton et al.
YCS had several offices in the North York area and was seeking municipal approval for a youth shelter.
That led to my staying with the YCS when I was in college, which in the early sixties was grappling with the issues.
YCS raises money for sports facilities for young people and for job creation schemes.
Evidence from the YCS tends to support this picture also for YTS.
Cawkwell (1975), ~Thucydides' Judgement of Periclean Strategy', YCS 53-70.