YCUYour Community in Unity (Brigham City, UT)
YCUYokohama City University (Japan)
YCUAircraft Transportation Lighter (US Navy)
YCUYacht Club Uruguayo
YCUYacht-Club Utting (Utting, Germany)
YCUYoung Caribbean United (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
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At the Health Mock Lab., YCU, TUA and Astellas will jointly screen and refine ideas proposed by each party from medical, gamification and business perspectives, respectively to select ideas for practical application.
Takebe and Taniguchi have served on scientific advisory boards for privately-held Japanese company Healios Inc., which has been granted licenses to this technology through YCU.
pylori CAM resistance rate was ~40% in YCU and was an average of 26% in hospitals in the Kanagawa area.
As interesting as YCU is for adult readers, it is specifically designed with iBooks Author so that it can be used as an iBooks textbook by secondary school students - especially those who have found science in general and all kinds of textbooks, both paper and digital, lifeless and boring.
In Wednesday's Hazlerigg raid a pair of machete-wielding thugs escaped in a Fiat Brava with the stolen number plates L294 YCU.
The men then sped off in the Brava, which had the stolen number plate L294 YCU.
Four intermetallic compounds (Y[Cu.sub.6], Y[Cu.sub.4], Y[Cu.sub.2], YCu) were detected in binary system Cu--Y, three of which melt congruently within temperature range of (935 [+ or -] 15)--(985 [+ or -] 15) [degrees]C.
The study revealed that the following substances were all found to be ductile: yttrium-silver (YAg), yttrium-copper (YCu), dysprosium-copper (DyCu), cerium-silver (CeAg), erbium-silver (ErAg), erbium-gold (ErAu), erbium-copper (ErCu), erbium-iridium (ErIr), holmium-copper (HoCu), neodymium-silver (NdAg), yttrium-indium (YIn), and yttrium-rhodium (YRh).
Scientists from the Cincinnati Children's Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine and Yokohama City University (YCU) in Japan developed the new production method for bioengineered human gut and liver tissues.