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YCWYoung Christian Workers
YCWYoung Canada Works (work-study program; Canada)
YCWYeast Cell Wall (animal nutrition)
YCWYachtclub Weiden (Weiden, Germany)
YCWYour Comments Welcomed
YCWYogyakarta Corruption Watch (Indonesia)
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The numbers of samples collected from YCW, ESB, NJY, Chinese crossbred, BBW and BBH were 33, 36, 55, 155, 212 and 15, respectively.
Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate the effects of naturally contaminated diets (NCD) on growth performance, serum biochemical parameters, carcass traits, and the splenic Hsp70 mRNA expression levels in broiler chickens, and to determine the efficacy of YCW in alleviating mycotoxin-induced effects.
Detoxza, a commercial YCW adsorbent, was obtained from AB Co Products Asia (Harbin, China).
The YCW program and its related activities were housed in the Catholic Social Service Center, built by the Jesuits on the outskirts of the city.
Using data obtained from experiments, MLR was used for evaluating equation linking several independent or predictor variables (soil chemical and physical properties) and one dependent variable (YCW).
To examine the effects of soil chemical and physical properties on YCW.
covers an array of subjects and movements, demonstrating their common appeal to the authority of the papal encyclicals Rerum novarum and Quadragesimo anno, movements embodied in several organizations such as the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists (ACTU), the Catholic Worker Movement (CW), the National Catholic Rural Life Conference (NCRLC), the Social Action Department (SAD), the Young Christian Workers (YCW), and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).
WE are helping to organise a reunion of former members of the Young Christian Workers (YCW) on October 3, 2002, to celebrate 50 years since the movement was founded in the Glasgow area.
In this framework, Santamaria, with the backing of the majority of the Australian Catholic Bishops, was trying to arrange not only that the CIO become part of ANSCA but also that the Young Christian Workers (YCW) and the National Catholic Girls Movement (NCGM), as well as the Newman Society of Victoria (NSV) do the same.
The Council's second session had also seen the appearance of its first male lay auditors, including the English Jocist (YCW) leader Pat Keegan, who made history as a layman addressing an ecumenical council.
Readers who are in some way connected to Catholic education, YCW and YCS, marriage preparation programs and faith formation of adults, are given comprehensive insight into the intellectual brilliance and distinctive dedication of Kelly.
The book does not explore the decades-long Catholic opposition to Santamaria's views, especially from the Catholic Worker group, but also by the Young Christian Workers' (YCW) wing of Catholic Action led by Archbishop Simonds, and the deepening opposition to Santamaria in sections of the Sydney Movement, notably by the bishops there.