YDBYounger Dryas Boundary (hypothesis)
YDBYucky Discolored Box Syndrome (Adobe InDesign problem)
YDBYokohama Dena Baystars (Japanese baseball team)
YDBYou Deserve Better
YDBYeah da Boys
YDBYouth Design Boston (summer internship and mentoring program; Boston, MA)
YDBYou Dumb Bastard
YDBYeast Dextrose Broth (microbiology)
YDBYeat da Bun (commonly used in the town of Newburyport, MA)
YDBYield Difference Bonding
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According to sources, new units called "R10" have been established within different yDB intelligence bureaus, consisting of 10 people per unit.
So to differentiate between impact spherules and those formed by other processes, the research team utilized scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectrometry on nearly 700 spherule samples collected from the YDB layer.
The YDB layer also corresponds with the end of the Clovis age, and is commonly associated with other features such as an overlying "black mat"-a thin, dark carbon-rich sedimentary layer-as well as the youngest known Clovis archeological material and megafaunal remains, and abundant charcoal that indicates massive biomass burning resulting from impact.
Examinations of the YDB spherules revealed that while they are consistent with the type of sediment found on the surface of the earth in their areas at the time of impact, they are geochemically dissimilar from volcanic materials.
However, the true breadth of the YDB strewnfield is unknown, indicating an impact of major proportions.
(14.) The Mafia maximizes [Pi] = [[[integral of].sup.1].sub.h-c/F] ydb in y subject to y [leq] h - c/F.
In the last five months, yDB chiefs of 20 provinces, including ystanbul, Ankara, yzmir, Adana, Trabzon and Kayseri have been replaced.
The material evidence supporting the YDB cosmic impact hypothesis spans three continents, and covers nearly one-third of the planet, from California to Western Europe, and into the Middle East.
"Because these three sites in North America and the Middle East are separated by 1,000 to 10,000 kilometers, there were most likely three or more major impact/airburst epicenters for the YDB impact event, likely caused by a swarm of cosmic objects that were fragments of either a meteorite or comet," said Kennett.
They also presents examples of recent independent research that supports the YDB cosmic impact hypothesis, and supports two independent groups that found melt-glass in the YDB layers in Arizona and Venezuela.