YDCSYouth Dental Care Scheme (Denmark)
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Once youths demonstrate sustained periods of nonviolent, cooperative behavior, they are moved from an intensive treatment dorm to a transition dorm, where they experience a less restrictive environment and programming geared to help them navigate a transfer to a step-down placement (e.g., YDC's general population or community residential placement).
Baseline questionnaires were completed through interviews approximately 4 weeks after the youth were admitted to the YDCs. The interviews were conducted by trained research staff recruited from communities located near the two YDCs.
All youth sentenced to the YDC during the study period were approached by a university research team member within 3 days of their admission and asked to participate.
Youth who reported participation in any of the individual sex type categories were then asked to provide the following information for each type: age at which they first willingly had sex, the number of lifetime partners, the number of times they had sex in the month before entering a detention center or YDC, and the number of times they had not used a condom or latex barrier in the month prior to entering a detention center or YDC.
Females (68.1%) were more likely than males (31.9%) to not use condoms in the month preceding entrance into the YDC ([c.sup.2] [2] = 16.10, p < .001).
The independent variables were facility type (YDC, RYDC, and Other) and gender.
*Youth Development Campus **Regional Youth Detention Centers ***Other (e.g., wilderness camps) Table 2 Means and (Standard Deviations) for Gender by Disposition Areas Experience Resource with Personal Gender Satisfaction Stress Experience Male 3.15 2.86 2.91 (.72) (.72) (.50) Female 3.30 3.10 2.74 (.79) (.85) (.59) Table 3 Multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA) for perceptions of juvenile justice teachers Variable Value F df p n (2) Facility Type (1) WilksLambda .89 1.45 24 .08 .06 Gender Wilks'Lambda .93 1.85 12 .04 .07 Years Teaching (2) Wilks'Lambda .92 2.02 12 .02 .08 (1) Youth Development Campus (YDC), Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDC), Other (e.g., wilderness camps) (2) Actual number of years teaching