YDERYen-Dollar Exchange Rate (currency exchange)
YDERYounger Youth Diploma or Equivalent Attainment Rate
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(14) Both protagonists, following a meeting with a dwarf, assert that a mysterious knight has stained their honour (Yvain by Esclados, Erec by Yder).
Erec knows that Yder has twice prevailed in defending his lady's eminence in beauty and grace: if he succeeds this time, his record will be permanent and he can retire from the field.
This intertextual game spreads across the entire romance: Floriant's dragon is composed, literally put together, using the same elements as the guivre in the Bel Inconnu; Moradas, defeated by Floriant, pronounces the same words Yder speaks when defeated by Erec; and so on: (21) just as the entire structure of his romance is based on the Doppelkursus invented by Chretien de Troyes, just as his romance takes up all kinds of motifs invented by Chretien, the author will deliberately use formulations that his audience is expected to identify as quotations.
Odisea africana de Yder Pachay los moriscos de Granada, Granada, Andaluza, 1984 y la obra colectiva, Andalucia en la Curva del Niger, Universidad, Granada 1987.
(27.) In Dutch, "de Hooge machten van yder Landt bieden elckander de handt." ULRICH HUBER, HEEDENSDAEGSE RECHTSGELEERTHEYT 13 (1699).
A notable exception may be found in the thirteenth-century Roman d'Yder, which reveals Arthur's jealousy on a personal level and its consequences on his public life.
Had he been prepared to use violence against a woman, as Yder does in the romance of Yder (ll.
komen/ ende ghebrandt-markt worden/ op dat een yder hemselven daer voor soude leeren wachten.
still the yder ub n It was only when he won the Open at Royal St George's in 2011 that we found out that the ageing roly-poly was shacked up with a former beauty queen.
YDER CUPWINNING Rcaptain Colin Montgomerie has revealed lifting the coveted golden trophy at the Celtic Manor in 2010 has eclipsed everything else achieved in a stellar golfing career.
That was what this week's tournament was invented for - to blood players for future R yder Cup duty by giving them experience of meaningful matchplay.