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Helble: All 11 authors wanted to help counter the misleading information being disseminated by the young-Earth creationist (YEC) ministries.
I decided something needed to be done to counter YEC teachings, which eventually led to my involvement in this book.
Most geologists have heard about YEC and flood geology, and knowing how it degrades geological education, many of those approached by Ken expressed their appreciation that we had taken on this project.
Unfortunately, the situation for responsible opponents of Darwinism and neo-Darwinism is made more dire because the existence of the YEC position allows many staunch proponents of Darwinism and neo-Darwinism to think and say that their opponents are all stupid, anti-scientific troglodytes or Bible-thumpers.
The Government's efforts have been fully complemented by both the County Governments, the Private Sector and UN Agencies by adoption and enhancing the variety of services offered in the YECs.
The YECs provide youth friendly services intended to address their physical, psychological and socio-economic needs.
Leaving behind the atmosphere and rhetoric of the conferences, Rosenhouse takes time in several places to describe his conclusion that the YECs have a valid point in claiming that evolution poses large and potentially intractable problems to Christian belief.
As such, the book produces a very readable description of what "we" look like to scientists who do not have a faith in God; whether "we" are young earth creationists (YEC), intelligent design (ID) proponents, or theistic evolutionists (or anything between).
(35) To support his case for aqueous deposition of the Coconino, Leonard Brand showed that amphibians in a water tank could leave footprints in fine sand, but his experiments made no attempt to simulate the flow velocities and extreme sediment accumulation rates proposed by YECs in their global Flood scenarios.36 Any argument for aqueous deposition would have to address all of the evidence for eolian deposition and explain the multiple truncations of irregular cross beds and "second order" surfaces by long, "first order" planar surfaces, while remaining consistent with sediment transport rates required to form the Coconino in a matter of days.
Even in the face of overwhelming geologic evidence that Grand Canyon's rock layers were not deposited by a single Flood, committed YECs will still be unmoved, because the driving force for them is not science, but a particular approach to biblical interpretation.
11:6]) are not a literal return to Eden, as YECs maintain.
Interestingly, YECs who believe that all animals were herbivores before the Fall, like to point to the bombardier beetle's defense mechanism as an indication of design.