YEESYouth Education and Employment Services (Guerneville, CA)
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“And a mighty big error ye would make of it, Mister Todd,” cried the landlady, “should ye be putting the mat ter into the law at all, with Joodge Temple, who has a purse as long as one of them pines on the hill, and who is an asy man to dale wid, if yees but mind the humor of him.
The foreign gentleman said, 'Mais, yees; I know eem.'
"Yees, yees, very fine weather, and seasonable for the time of year," Sir Pitt answered, who had suddenly grown deaf.
But the Yees, without a trace of excess weight between them, simply had the ability to endure the heat, the humidity and the strain of a long weekend of handball.
And in the 65-plus, Danny and Jerry Yee faced off for the singles crown and took the top spot in doubles.
But at home in Sag Harbour the other day, the Yees were letting it all hang out, showing off a gold-ceilinged room matching the one at Yoga Shanti, where they meditate facing each other every morning, as well as the den where they watch American Idol, and fortifyiing themselves with nuts and smoothiies, and coffee for him, before zooming to class in a blue Audi convertible.
But the yogini Colleen Saidman Yee likes to be more specific.
Yee said his company was not in a position yet to share the details of discussions with SM, noting, however that 'the best strategic alliance is one that will make the brand stronger in its next 50 years.'
(4.) Lester Yee, interviewed by the author, San Jose, CA, February 16, 2014.
Yee allegedly tipped off his brother-in-law, Chen Tang, that ValueAct was planning to buy Acxiom, and Tang and others bought Acxiom stock based on that insider information.
"When I was in the Air Force, I spent most of my time as a flight surgeon for operational fighter units," Yee says, motioning toward a photograph of fighter jets above his busy desk, "and I learned a lot from them."
Yee said his company was not in a position to share details of ongoing discussions with the SM group.