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has announced signing of its latest project in Africa, Yeha Hotel- A Sarovar Premiere Hotel, a luxury property in Axum, Ethiopia.
Jon Seed, from Lancashire, who was near the first blast, said: "People were dead in the roads and in the rubble - there was flying glass and debris all over the place." Another eyewitness, Yeha Mohammed, reported hearing someone yell, "I have a bomb." She said: "I saw a car flying up into the air and people running - I do not think I will ever forget this in my life."
He described many African products and cities, among them the Eritrean port of Adulis through which passed most of the maritime trade of the ancient cities on the mountainous inland plateau, including Kohaito, Metara, Yeha (see NA, Nov 2001), and by the time of his writing also Aksum in northern Ethiopia.
These were substantial tanks, oval or circular in shape, and entered and exited by a flight of three to five steps, as at the ruined basilica at Matera, in Eritrea, in the corner of the Christianised former temple at Yeha (p.37) and at Adulis, the Red Sea port (p.45).
According to the London daily Elaph, Diana will be working with a number of well-known poets and composers like Wisam Al Amir, Hisham Polis, Yaser Jalal, Munir Bo Asad, Ahmad Muhy, Muhammad Yeha, and Wael Tawfiq.
Sergeant Simon Yeha confirmed that two officers attended the incident on Saturday and spoke to one woman who was spat at by the youths.
Niko Kranjcar: Hajduk Split to "yeha Portsmouth (Bought); Portsmouth to Spurs (Bought); EUR7.25m combined.
All the major historical sites are covered such as Yeha, Aksum, Lalibela, Gondar and Harar as well as many lesser-known sites.