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Given the importance of the issue, the main purpose of this study is to evaluate corporate social responsibility and corporate image on brand equity in Murghab plain food industry products-Iran (Yek & Yek).
The all-female group of critics, which includes members of the Turkish Film Critics Association (SyYAD), slammed in their statement "Hep Yek" and other Turkish comedies in which sexual harassment is portrayed humorously.
Ama chegoone zistan Tanha az an dast Gar aftab pakize tar Amizesh khialo sehr Pichidey paride choo mahtab Rooshan cho sobh sineye talab Dar sobh yek sepideye martoob ghamgin Chun gam yek jarideye maghmoom Az marpich kohsar Shirine khoshboo Ch shahde nahl Dar kandooye bahar pendar (Moosavi Garmaroody 121-122 [13])
The three amino acid copolymer YAK bound to purified human HLA-DR1 or -DR4 molecules with affinity higher than YEA, EAK, or YEK, whereas EAK was the better binder of HLA-DR2 molecules.
(1) Nasruddin Hassan, (2) Kong Yek Ching and (2) Nik Nur Hamizah
Aleppo Domari uses the numeral yek "one" as reciprocal augmented with the plural suffix -e- followed by a bound pronoun, as shown (6).
12 ovi yek sol She was ve du moh pis born one ez ita zo'ide year and vobu(18) two months ago.
Ahmadi-Khurasani in 'Yek Sib, Yek Zan, Yek Shahr' [One Apple, One Woman, One City], brings the "events in the Garden" up to the present time.
Yousef Khan stands among the very first Muslim intellectuals (and perhaps the first Iranian) who adopted the rights language, in his book, Yek Kalameh (The Book of One Word), written in 1870.
We caught up with three master chefs from Singapore -- The Sentosa Resort's executive chefs Michael Leibi and Goh Yek Wei, along with junior sous chef Ancella Loo, on a culinary exchange programme organised by the Singapore Tourism Board and the ITC- WelcomGroup, to talk about the five dishes that Singapore woos its tourists with: