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YELDYour Ever Lovin' Daughter
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When the control was carried out in stage [V.sub.6], a lower grain yeld was observed for BMX 7166, only slightly differing from the productivities of TEC 5718, TEC 6029, and CD 2694 (Table 7).
While at anchor, the English "gan discry from farre / Two Turkish Gallies well prepar'd, most mighty men of warre." The "Turks" cry out, "Amaine, amaine, your top-sailes strike, these fained Turks did cry" and then, "What will yee yeld, or else sinke and be
When their long lives are complete, Amoryus and Cleopes simultaneously "yeld ...
The leaves were triturated and extracted by hydrodistillation for two hours using a Clevenger-type apparatus (yeld 15.6 mg/g of leaves).
Rupert has been described by the media, politicians and environmentalists as a true philanthropist who championed the cause of nature conservation in South Africa and the entire African continent (Dommisse and Esterhuyse 2005, Mbeki 2006, Isaacson 2006, Yeld 2006).
All of a sudden we would have had a kick down Yeld and a lineout to attack from."
Meanwhile, after 'extensive discussions', the League has received a written guarantee from the chairman and treasurer of Smethwick CC who have undertaken that they will be able to Yeld sides at under-11, under-13 and under-15 levels in county board competitions in 2009.