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YELLYellowstone National Park (US National Park Service)
YELLYellow Corporation (stock symbol)
YELLYouth Engaged in Leadership and Learning (est. 2000; Stanford, CA)
YELLYouth to Eliminate Loss of Life (Delaware)
YELLYouth Education Life Line (est. 1989; AIDS)
YELLYoung Eclectic Liberation Leaders (Jackson Heights, NY)
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By this time the Indian was far out of reach, and had rejoined his men, and the whole dare-devil band, with the captured horses, scuttled off along the defiles, their red flag flaunting overhead, and the rocks echoing to their whoops and yells, and demoniac laughter.
Two days they kept us there, and the mate would climb up in the rigging to mock us and yell, Yah!
"Come on, you flannel-mouths!" Bert yelled at the newcomers, himself swept away by passion, his black eyes flashing wildly, his dark face inflamed by the too-ready blood.
His cry was answered by a yell and a laugh from the woods, as tauntingly exulting as if fifty demons were uttering their blasphemies at the fall of some Christian soul.
Boggs rode up before the biggest store in town, and bent his head down so he could see under the curtain of the awning and yells:
In spite of their angry yells, they kept at a distance and sent flights of arrows against us.
The same voice, within a foot of him and yet so remote, yelled sensibly, "Can't be helped."
"Smash 'im, Jimmie, kick deh damn guts out of 'im," yelled Pete, the lad with the chronic sneer, in tones of delight.
Sometimes, one side by its yells and cheers would proclaim decisive blows, but a moment later the other side would be all yells and cheers.
"Shadow!" yelled Tom, unconsciously adding to the din that seemed to pervade every part of the camp.
In the midst of these threats, groans, and yells, Cornelius, very likely in order not to hear them, had buried himself in his own thoughts.
"Scoodlers!" they yelled in chorus, their voices sharp and shrill.