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YEMYemen (ISO Country code)
YEMYemassee (Amtrak station code; Yemassee, SC)
YEMYou Enjoy Myself (Phish song)
YEMYoung European Movement (UK)
YEMYeast-Extract Mannitol
YEMYouth Empowerment Movement (Baltimore, MD)
YEMYellowstone Episcopal Ministries (Montana)
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His couplets Ka Khaaze Shany Me Pa Qabar Wee Walaarry/ Ka Ghulam Marr Yem Raazai Tukai Pe Laary/ Che Pa Khplu Weenu Na Yem Lambadale/ Pa Ma Paleetawai Da Jumaat Ghaarry / Che Sury Sury Me Fauj Da Dushman Na Ku/ Mory Maa Pase Ba Kum Makh Ba Ta Jaarry/ Yaa Ba Benaga Mulk Bagh-i-Aadan Karram/ Yaa Ba Karram Da Pakhtanu Kosey Wejaarry,' he said.
Yavru baliklarin ilk donem beslenmesinde yeterli yem alabilmesi homojen bir buyume icin gereklidir.
Bacterial strains showing growth on NFM were further spread on Yeast Extract Mannitol (YEM) agar (0.5g/L K2HPO4, 0.2g/L MgSO4,0.1g/L NaCl, 0.5g/L yeast extract, 10g/L Mannitol, 15g/L agar) (Muneer et al., 2013; Cappuccino and Sherman, 2004) supplemented with different concentrations, 10, 20, 50, 100 g/ml of HgCl2 and incubated at 37C for 24 h.
All strains were grown in yeast extract-mannitol (YEM) medium at 28[degrees]C and then conserved at 4[degrees]C until used (Vincent, 1970).
A selective medium yeast extract mannitol (YEM) agar containing 1 g/L yeast extract 10 g/L mannitol 0.5 g/L dipotassium phosphate 0.2 g/L magnesium sulfate 0.1 g/L sodium chloride and 20 g/L agar (Cappuccino and Sherman 2007) was prepared for the isolation of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
They were alerted after a 74-year-old man tested positive in November and started convincing others who had also visited the same practitioner, 55-year-old Yem Chrin, to get tested.
The Governors of Ysgol Esgob Morgan (YEM), St Asaph, and the Diocese want to change it from a community junior school, into an Anglican faith voluntary controlled junior school on its existing site.
"Our demand is still the same: probe into the allegations of serious fraud and irregularities during the July's national election," CNRP spokesman Yem Ponharith told Xinhua over telephone on Monday.
Seeds: 1-Constantinos Ioannides (CYP); 2-Alexey Prokopchuk (UKR); 3-Shamael Chaudhry (GBR); 4-Ghassan Alansi (YEM); 5-Kareem Allaf (SYR); 6-Amer Mohamed Abdo (YEM); 7-Nabil Fouad (EGY); 8-Mohab Hamed (EGY).
Inventors: Eric De Benedittis, Sylvie Lhospitalier, Eric Slachmuylders and Pierre Yem
The Malaysian delegation was led by Muhammad Khalid Abbasi Abdul Razak, Malaysian consul general; Nurammar bin Abu Bakar, deputy president of association of Malaysia's Bumiputera Muslim manufactures and services industries (PPIPBM) and Amran Yem, trade commissioner MATRADE Jeddah.
In 2011, ACHEM joined the Yem Chio Group of companies, which combined makes AchemYem Chio not only one of the leading manufactures of tape and film products worldwide, but one of the largest.