YEMACYemen Executive Mine Action Center (Yemen)
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The UNDP added that the vehicle handover is the first of a larger procurement for YEMAC in both northern and southern Yemen.
YEMAC reported that 3,539 people have died as a result of landmines and that 292,000 explosives have been removed since the center's establishment in 1999.
The only ones who should deal with these projectiles are special teams from the YEMAC.
Also, I would like to urge Yemen's citizens, whether they are in Al-Hasaba or elsewhere, to report any strange objects they find to the police and to YEMAC, and never to touch the objects.
Retired animals keep getting food and medical care from the YEMAC.
Mine/ERW risk education (RE) has been conducted since 1999 by YEMAC and the NGO Yemen Mine Awareness Association (YMAA), working together to conduct community liaison, deliver community based RE, train community leaders and teachers, and give direct presentations.
As per the recommendations of the 2005 UNDP evaluation support to the Yemeni mine action program, a socio-economic assessment of the use of released land was carried out, based on which, YEMAC planned to establish a department to promote socio-economic development of cleared areas.
YEMAC's Risk Education (RE) department is responsible for planning and implementing RE, monitoring against national standards, and integrating RE into mine action.
The only organization which had an RE program in 2008 was YEMAC, which consists entirely of military staff, and is funded by the government.
In May 2009, YEMAC's director noted that "there were no funds to carry out VA activities as planned," and that he "could hardly manage to keep the YEMAC VA department open."
Most survivors had not heard of the YEMAC program and lived without appropriate medical and socio-economic support.
YEMAC operates a four-step program for VA including identification of survivors, medical examination, medical and rehabilitation treatment, and socio-economic reintegration.