YENTYersinia Enterocolitica
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YENT represents enterprise income, [transfr.sub.eng] represents government transfer payment to enterprises, [ti.sub.ent] represents corporate income tax rate, [tproenttax.sub.ent] represents enterprise house property tax.
The Bradford/ Yent patent involved variable projection optics in a multiphase microscope.
(12.) Shapiro, 30; Yent Smit, "Mayn Loyn" (My wages), 47 yor brentsh 3 arbeter ring; Tillie Olsen, "Tell Me a Riddle," in Tell Me a Riddle (New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1976), 72-125; "Bagrisung fun froyen brentsh 244-B" (Greetings from Women's Branch 244-B), Suvenir zhurnal pruzhiner brentsh 244 arbeter ring (Souvenir journal of Pruzhiner Branch 244 of the Workmen's Circle) (New York, 1938), box 21, folder 127, YIVO.
If one examines some of the phrases that these students may use: 'E nyam apple means he, she or it eats apples, 'E yent yuh means he, she or it is not here; 'Gwine home means going home, and Come yuh means come here,
Though advocating a balance of scriptural and ceremonial emphases, Cardinal Reginald Pole stressed that "the observatyon of ceremonyes, for obedyence sake, wyll gyve more light than all the readynge of Scrypture can doe." Though "the thynge that gyveth us the veraye light, ys none of them both," neither ceremonies nor scripture, yet "they are most apte to receyve light, that are more obe yent to follow ceremonyes, than to reade" (Ibid., 531).