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YERYemeni Rial (ISO currency code)
YERYoung Executive Recruitment
YERYear-End Report
YERYale Economic Review (student publication; Yale University; New Haven, CT)
YERYeats Eliot Review (William Butler Yeats; T.S. Eliot; publication)
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"Yer oughter seen how mad he looked, when I brought the hoss up.
"Rather specks I am," said Sam; "did yer see Missis up stars at the winder?
"And I'll tell yer more 'n all," said Andy; "I specs you'd better be making tracks for dem hosses,--mighty sudden, too, for I hearn Missis 'quirin' arter yer,--so you've stood foolin' long enough."
Is yer fader beatin' yer mudder, or yer mudder beatin' yer fader?"
"By what meeraiculous means, young madam, do ye happen to ha' fund yer way to this inn?"
toot!" he said, "I'm no' that clear in my mind that I'm free to tak' yer money.
it's a matter o' some moment to me, that ye've chairged wi' stealin' the letter, and making a market o't, and Lord knows what besides, that I suld hae yer ain acknowledgment for it in black and white.
"Awe," said the boy, with a shrug down the length of him, "yer know what I mean, lady.
She says she caught yer dead to rights, huggin' a bunch o' calico in de hot-house.
"Better sling yer 'ook out of 'ere, Yonson," he said.
"I only 'ope yer don't ever 'ave to get used to such as that in this life, 'cos you've got a bloomin' soft skin, that you 'ave, more like a lydy's than any I know of.
"Carn't yer see you've bloomin' well rubbed all the gent's skin orf?"