YEUYakkum Emergency Unit (Indonesia)
YEUYukon Employees Union (Canada)
YEUYouth for Exchange and Understanding International (est. 1986; Strasbourg, France)
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On March 23 the YEU hiking experience will take in Atalanti, Troodos.
Yeu is involved with several new technologies and has been involved both on the academic and private practice sides.
Pronounced "Yom wa yeu," yin-yang is balance, and can be recognized through opposites.
I like to tell my staff that my hero is Lee Kuan Yeu, the benevolent dictator who modernised Singapore.
Brought into service 25 years ago, the Erika oil tanker split open on December 12 releasing 10,000 to 12,000 tonnes of heavy fuel which is very difficult to pump up, so the slick is continuing to drift and is expected to reach the island of Yeu on Christmas Eve.Legally speaking, shipping is covered by two EU Directives: the first one Directive 95/21/EC proposes that any vessel entering or leaving European ports, irrespective of where they are registered, should be inspected from time to time to ensure they meet international standards.
To that end, the Chamber has been working on a European-wide project with partners across the continent called the Youth Enterprise and Unemployment (YEU) project.
But I could have done without the session at the end of each episode, when the tearful loser had to say adieu to the winners with that arch and awful " Yeu and yeu and yeu" song, which even Julie Andrews couldn't sing without cringeing.
YEU Cyprus invites us all to join a workshop all about writing myths on Friday from 6pm until 8pm.
The first is a workshop entitled Inside the Sexual World organised by the Youth for Exchange & Understanding non-governmental organisation (YEU Cyprus).