YEYAmos, Quebec, Canada (Airport Code)
YEYYoung Engineer of the Year
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Why, what do you think the folks here says for 'hevn't you?'--the gentry, you know, says,'hevn't you'--well, the people about here says 'hanna yey.' It's what they call the dileck as is spoke hereabout, sir.
Yay bay didl ay bay Yey bey dudl ey bey Didl gay, Dudl gey Dey dudl, day didl didl dey hey vov hey Doydl oy boy didl goy goy Goy em I toisty Tschik vaut zov, tsick vaut fis.
Nepey ni gunum piuke Se ha despertado cl ave de mi corazon lapumu ni mupu extendio sus alas ina yey ni peuma y se llevo mis suenos rofulpuafiel ti mapu para abrazar la tierra El "ave de mi corazon" es el espiritu, el pulli y el aro que dan vida verdadera al hombre uniendo su corazon con el corazon del universo y que aqui toma los peuma, los suenos del poeta-chaman para llevarlos hacia su tierra y su pueblo cuando el emprende su viaje entre los diversos niveles de la realidad y la existencia.
- the gentry, you know, says "hevn't you" - well, the people about here says, "hanna yey." It's what they call the dileck as is spoke hereabout, sir.' (i.
CineMo and YeY kept their spot as the third and fourth most watched channels, respectively, based on Kantar Media's Q4 2018 report of DTT households nationwide.
If the '90s kids had their daily fix of well-loved Kapamilya children's shows like Hiraya Manawari, Epol Apple and Sineskwela, today's generation of Filipino kids has Team YeY, the first kids variety and activity show on digital terrestrial TV that airs on ABS-CBN TVplus' channel YeY.
Visits to Apicha's website increased significantly after the TV airing of the press conference, and Filipino viewers posted comments, such as 'Guys, let's get ourselves tested.' 'She did it, so can you!' 'Yey, Queen P, you're so brave!'