YFTYouth for Tomorrow (est. 1986)
YFTYellowfin Tuna (FAO fish species code)
YFTYellow Fade Technique
YFTYour Favorite Things
YFTYonkers Federation of Teachers
YFTYour Favorite Thing
YFTYate Fairtrade Team (Bristol, England)
YFTDistrict Lighter, Torpedo Transportation (US Navy)
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In support of YFT, Yanfeng leverages its global engineering and manufacturing capabilities to service the vehicle manufacturers and become the leading integrated supplier of Smart Cabin solutions globally.
"In Europe and in North America, Yanfeng customers benefit from an array of ready-to-sell innovations, the local team's customer, market and technology expertise, as well as a state-of-the-art footprint, now combined with the enhanced global innovation expertise of Yanfeng Technology," said Ni Jiawen, Yanfeng Executive Committee member and CEO for YFT.
To engage major stakeholders with its vision and capabilities for Smart Cabin, Yanfeng has invited customers, the media, business partners, thought leaders and startups to come together for an event to celebrate the official debut of YFT in Stuttgart hosted by Plug and Play, a global innovation platform.
Beltran invited the youth to be part of the YFT Circle, and submit their content and video blogs to the YFT via Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YouthforTruthPH/.
For her part, Nicole Namuco, host of the YFT radio program aired over Radyo Pilipinas every Friday from 8:00 p.m.
The YFT program is an alliance of organizations and individuals to help Dismiss Disinformation campaign of the government.
They reported that during the first months of the ENSO (July-December 1997) of the El Nino event, the extent of the YFT catches was higher in oceanic waters than the observed catches during a non El Nino year in these areas for the same period.
The relative abundance of YFT in the eastern Pacific is reported to diminish during El Nino events; however, as supported by the IATTC (2) report, the YFT vertical displacement during El Nino events generates a diminishing fishing effort for the purse-seine fleet in traditional catch areas.
The objective of the present study was to examine the effect of the ENSO El Nino and La Nina events for a 10-year period (1990-99) on YFT catches in the entrance to the Gulf of California, an area of importance for the industry and for the ecology of the resource in the eastern Pacific.
The data used in the present study include carrying capacity, catch-by-species, location, and school type (YFT associated with dolphins; YFT associated with floating objects; and free-swimming YFT), from 1990 to 1999, comprising 11,690 records.
In order to study annual variation, total catches of YFT of the purse-seine fleet within the study area were accumulated by year.
In order to analyze the latitudinal catch variation of YFT within the study area, catch data for the period 1990-99 were accumulated in six latitudinal bands of one degree from 18[degrees]N to 24[degrees]N at the entrance of the Gulf of California.