YFWYour Face When
YFWYour Favorite Weapon (Brand New album)
YFWYoung Filmmakers Workshop
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Where y is the vector of observations on the different traits, b is the vector of fixed effects (sex, type of birth, age of dam and year of birth for BW, WW, 6MW, 9MW, YW and only year of birth for YFW), a is the vector of direct additive genetic effects, m is the vector of maternal additive genetic effects, c is the vector of maternal permanent environmental effects, e is the vector of residual effects and X, [Z.sub.1], [Z.sub.2] and [Z.sub.3] are incidence design matrices relating the fixed effects, direct additive genetic effects, maternal additive genetic effects and maternal permanent environmental effects, respectively, to vector of y.
The least squares means and standard errors for BW, WW, 6MW, 9MW, YW and YFW in Markhoz kids were 2.48 [+ or -] 0.04, 13.78 [+ or -] 0.41, 16.61 [+ or -] 0.45, 21.20 [+ or -] 0.46, 27.03 [+ or -] 0.64 kg, and 468.03 [+ or -] 18.03 gr, respectively.
Also, the most appropriate model for YW and YFW was model 1, which included only direct additive genetic effects.
Total heritability estimates for body weight in different ages are low to moderate, and varied from 0.16 for WW and YFW to 0.41 for YW.
Direct additive genetic correlations between YFW with body weight traits were quite variable and ranging from 0.14 between BW-YFW to 0.67 between 6MW-YFW.
Neither maternal additive genetic effects, nor maternal permanent environmental effects were significantly improved log likelihood ratio (p>0.05) for YW and YFW traits, therefore, model 1 was considered the most appropriate for these traits.
The result obtained for YFW is in agreement with that of 0.19 reported by Snyman and Olivier (1996), 0.19 by Allain and Rogute (2003), 0.14 by Shelton and Snowder (1983), 0.13 by Yalcin (1982), 0.18 by Rashidi (2006), lower than those of 0.40 by Nicoll (1985), 0.25 by Nicoll et al.