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God (consistently referred to YHVH), embodied in a torch of fire, passes between the two halves of the animals cut up by Abraham as a symbol of the union (Gen.
However, the most important name of the one God, the name that God revealed to Moses at the burning bush, is YHVH, which appears more than 6,800 times in the Hebrew Bible.
Ed Noort, a Dutch scholar, has called this passage "the most peculiar sentence on the role of torah [sic] in the Hebrew Bible," noting that"[i]t is YHVH himself who provides the laws leading to death instead of life.
Genesis 2:7--8,15: The Eternal God (YHVH Elohim) formed Adam out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils a breath of life, and Adam became a living soul.
Speaking in his own concealing code, with the vowels substituted with "dashes," Ratner refers to the unspeakable sacred name of God, the Tetragrammaton, also known as YHVH (Yahweh)-what Ratner means by the "four consonants."
Soul is the dimension of inter-being where you realize that each happening is a happening of the singular happening I call God (YHVH, from the Hebrew verb "to happen").
Moreover, an ascent is implied, the culmination of which is to speak, in awareness, the great name, YHVH, in saying which "you carry all the Sacred Names, and it is as if you bear on your lips and on your tongue the Holy Name and all the Holy Names, it is as if your lips bear the responsibility of the world and all that it contains." (29)To be aware of absence, to study the representations, and to speak the word that draws all together bearing all responsibility would seem to be enough.
Maimonides, summarizing rabbinic teaching, lists seven names of God: YHVH with 'Adonai, 'El, 'Elohah, 'Elohim, 'Elohei, Shaddai, and Tseva'ot and rules that these names, once written, may not be erased.(10) These names (Heb., shem) are differentiated from other descriptive terms (Heb., kinnui) used of God in that the former cannot be erased once written.(11) All seven names have equal status in this regard.
All life arises in and is an expression of the nondual Infinite Life that is called by many names: Ultimate Reality, God, Tao, Mother, Allah, YHVH, Dharmakaya, Brahman, and Great Spirit, among others.