YIELYearbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford University Press)
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Cane yield and yiel d components of Thatta-10 variety under trash mulchi ng with different nitrogen
AMAC's present quarterly dividend annualized is $1.45 per share, a portion of which is return of capital, representing a 13.6 percent yiel d on the closing stock price of March 28, 2001, of $10.65 per share.
Cultivar Yiel Production SS/TA [L.sup.*] (%) (t [ha.sup.-1]) Gigante amarelo 52.68 b 23.94 a 1.53 b 73.51 Ouro Vermelho 50.11 b 18.38 b 1.51 b 73.95 Sol do cerrado 53.74 b 24.53 a 1.74 a 75.51 IAC 275 60.17 a 23.17 a 1.76 a 73.74 VC (%) 9.26 25.10 17.93 5.57 Cultivar [C.sup.*] [[degrees]h.sup.*] Gigante amarelo 53.24 88.84 Ouro Vermelho 53.54 87.47 Sol do cerrado 53.84 87.25 IAC 275 54.33 87.87 VC (%) 5.53 2.65 Means followed by distinct letters in the column differ from each other by the Scott-Knott's test at (p<0.05).
General Peter Toar Nyual (Logistics), 6) Brig General Yoanis Mawich Yiel Tuor (Brigade One Commander), 7) Brig General John Thilkuei Yakah (Brigade Two Commander), 8) Brig General Wicyual Guei Leah (Brigade Three Commander), 9) Brig General Gatwech Diew Chany (Officers and NCOS affairs), 10) Col.
It increase yiel ds and quality of crops, because silicate bacteria can activate the soil nutrients of K, P, Mg, Si and Mo and secrete cytokinins and gibberellins, which promote plant growth, suppress soil borne fungal pathogens and strengthens resistance to drought and diseases.
Hence, on the basis of essential oil yiel and composition, microwave drying method was found to be most suitable followed by oven, shade and sun drying for lavander leaves.
Likewise, the on-line scheduler would plug in new job-completion times in accordance with any change in good parts yiel dper hour that occurred for any reason at any machine.
Genotypic differences of rice genotypes were evaluated on the basis of grain yiel (Hayashi et al., 2007; Hein et al., 2007).
Chot Yiel Wang, a displaced resident, told Sudan Tribune via satellite phone that the whole area was flooded with water, adding that many people remained at high risk.
Under the decree, commissioners Puy Yak Yiel from Guit county, Majok Gatdet Deng from Parieng county and Gideon Gatpan Thoar from Mayiandit county were also relieved of their duties.
James Pui Yak Yiel, Commissioner of Guit County Capt Majok Gadet Deng , Commissioner of Parieng County Maj.
In his song he said 'rol mac bi duac leer ba lik de theeng, lik gaan deang ba theeng, laathkeer cuare luak tong ke dier Ngundeng Bong e Longar, ce luac mar ke 'yiel juoc', ram luth kur cu luak bar, e ji guethni muong be ke nak.' The above song literally translates 'Jalaba I will beat and chase you and the thundering sounds of my beatings on you shall be heard; the thundering sounds of the children of God will be heard; soldiers don't build our nation while getting worried at the same time; Ngundeng Bong is like Longar, he once struck Luac with his rod; any one who obeys God, don't be scared; let the powerful talk, because I am going to kill them." Ngundeng also prophesied the final destiny of the whole Sudan and predicted disintegration of the whole nation.