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Table 1 Critical parameters of YIG and HTS filters SPEED (uSec) YIG 500,000 SWITCHED HTS 700 TUNABLE HTS 0.01
HTS filters have been developed and demonstrated to switch/tune orders of magnitude faster than YIG filters.
In fact, switchable filters have been constructed that provide faster, more selective and more versatile operation than today's YIG filters.
A key to this very compact (78 [in..sup.3]) tuner design is the availability of miniature YIG oscillators.
Today's most common multioctave receivers that use YIG oscillators cover approximately one half of the total frequency range with their fundamental source.
When combined with the dynamic characteristics of YIG devices, it is virtually impossible to perform automatic "stop on scan" acquisition within the time that a weak signal may be present.
With this type of setup, there is no way to know where the tuner is when it stops (due to the varying YIG characteristics).
While scanning, both YIG devices are open-loop and proper alignment is critical to operation.
The LO, which covers 2,000 to 18,000 MHz, does not incorporate any YIG oscillators and can be scanned in both directions.
diameter YIG resonator and a small air coil are placed in the magnetic gap of the YIG filter.
Because the YIG sphere used to generate the discriminator is located in the same magnetic field as the conventional YIG filter, its frequency is centered exactly at the center frequency of the filter.