YIJYoung Indiana Jones (TV series)
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where Yij represents the angular control signal of Ji.
where Yij is variance associated with parameter a; [mu] is the overall mean; ai is the treatment effect; and eij the error term.
Yij = [my] + [alfa]i + [beta]j + ([alfa][beta])ij + [epsilon]ij
Donde: Yij: Observacion del j-esimo animal y i-esimo tratamiento, [micron]: Media general de la poblacion, Ti : Efecto del i-esimo tratamiento, [[beta].sub.j] : Efecto del j-esimo animal y [[epsilon].sub.ij]: Error aleatorio.
[8.] Peter Wright, Yij Leong Sun, Terence Harmer, 2012.
Where, Yij: response variable [mu], population mean, Ai: effect of the ith treatment, Bj: effect of the jth block, Eij: experimental error associated to the ith treatment in the ith block.
Inc., Cary, 2007), using the model Yij = [mu] + Ri + Lj + (RxL)ij + Eij, Yij is the value of each observation, [mu] is general mean, Ri is the roof effect (i = 1, 2, 3), Lj is effect of light duration j (j = 1, 2, 3), (RxL)ij is the interaction effect of roof i and light duration j, and Eij is the effect of the error associated with each observation.