YIPIYoung Information Pages Internet Corp
YIPIYouth in Policing Initiative (Canada)
YIPIYayasan Insan Pengasih Indonesia (Indonesian rehabilitation foundation)
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At the 2011 launch, two former YIPI participants also spoke about their experiences in the program two years earlier.
YIPI is, in many ways, a remarkable and remarkably successful program that can help to address the often contentious relationship between marginalized youth and police.
In what follows, we will examine how programs such as YIPI, which set out to meet the social and economic needs of "at-risk youth" and build positive police-youth relations, from the critical race theory perspective, can be interpreted to show how the program actually operates to entrench and privilege the institutional interests of policing.
We go on to discuss how the YIPI summer employment program is premised on a need to guide, govern, and surveil young people from priority areas, and, in the process, protect and advance the material, moral, and psychological interests of the police.
Youth programs, such as YIPI, engage in this type of work to the extent that they stress individual responsibility and proper conduct as prerequisites to accessing opportunities which are considered necessary to improving the life chances, or potential success, of marginalized youth.
As a program, YIPI claims to provide an opportunity to youth that will also work in the interests of the police in ways that help to not only improve relations between police and marginalized youth but also to promote the Toronto Police Service as a potential career option--an "employer of choice." This can be considered interest-convergence, a concept that, first articulated by Derrick Bell (1980), proposes that measures promoting racial progress are only accommodated to the degree that they also support elite white interests.
Programs and measures, such as YIPI, that are designed to mutually benefit youth and police, are not necessarily bad.
The Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI), established in 2006, is a program funded in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Toronto Police Services Board, and the Toronto Police Service.
YIPI was initially conceived as a response to the social and employment needs of marginalized youth who reside in Toronto's priority areas, and was occasioned, in part, by the concerns of 2005--the so-called "summer of the gun"--when some 52 homicides involving guns occurred in Toronto.
In this context, YIPI is a program that seeks to enhance the relationship between marginalized youth and the police and, by extension, police and these priority-designated communities.
YIPIs have already been buying homes in Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey.
Mr Morris says YIPIs are buying for a number of reasons, to get on the property ladder, to snap up a really good holiday home in a hot country, to generate some kind of rental income or as a long term investment.