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YISYokohama International School
YISYours in Scouting (Boy Scouts)
YISYours in Service (Boy Scouts of America)
YISYahoo! Image Search
YISYears in Service
YISYours in Safety (sign-off)
YISYour Intellectual Superior
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In all four regression equations, the confounding variables (i.e., YIS, AEP, and RGC) were entered into Block 1 to control for their effects.
All the time sitting in Delly yis not wokay you know
Profit is specified by [PI] = p(Y - h) + bh - c(Y), where c is a regular cost function, Yis output, p is the random output price and p = Ep + [sigma][epsilon].
The Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) guidelines for managing young infants were developed from a Young Infant Study (YIS).
The Yis owned a restaurant in Southern California before moving to Eugene in the 1970s.
blo gsal rgyu skar bye ba' i dbus na brrid|| phyin las od dkar phyogs bcu kun du gsal|| legs bshad bdud rtsi'i zer gyis bdag blo'i mtsho|| mdzes pa skyed mdzad yongs 'dzin rnam bzhi rgyal|| nges don sbrang rtsi' i bcud kyis stobs rgyas shing|| gsung rab padmo'i mtsho chen nang zhugs nas|| gzhung don dar dir sgrisgs pa' i bung ba su|| yongs ' du' i shing bzhin ' di na zla yis dben||
For instance, Vang claims that what the Hmong refer to as Saub, Ntxwg Nyoog, and Siv Yis are the equivalents of God, Satan, and Jesus in Christianity.
(9.) Duman M, Ozdemir D, Yis U, Koroglu TF, Oren O, Berktas S.
In the slow process of historical evolution, various ethnic groups created colourful and unique cultures, namely Dongba Culture of the Naxis, Pattra Culture of the Dais, the Solar Calendar of the Yis, the Terraced Paddy Fields of the Hanis.
Yokohama International School (YIS) is secular, as it was created in the spirit of internationalism, but it does have some ties with Christ Church, the oldest Anglican Church in Japan.
Yet the stylistic level reasserts the local: Doyle's rendering of a northside accent on the page incorporates pronunciation (tha'), distinctive vocabulary (yis), and actual slang (bomb).
The law's word yis aq is the same as the verb for appeal used in the narratives discussed but replaced in the inscription by debar (legal case).