YISAYorkshire Independent Staff Association (UK)
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Yisa (2005), in the study of ergonomics of small scale grain mills in Nigeria, reported that workers were exposed to working temperatures as high as 49[degrees]C and noise levels exceeding 80dBA which could lead to difficulty in hearing.
Yisa told Sudan Tribune that staff learnt of the robbery early on Sunday when they arrived for work.
Haohui Zhu (a,b) Jianjun Yuan (b), Yisa Wang (b), Fan Gao (b), Xiao Wang (b), Changhua Wei (b), Jiyun Chen (b), Xiaohui Fan (b), Mei Zhang (a,) *
Adenike Yisa, 40, was asleep on her sofa in the Sandy Row area of South Belfast when a hatchet smashed through her living-room window at around 2am on Wednesday.
Ogunlana, S.; Siddiqui, Z.; Yisa, S.; Olomolaiye, P.
Moreover, the road side soil containing heavy metal contents can eject these pollutants into the air and added into the water sectors of the environment (Nasser et al., 2012).As a result, pollutants deposited in the road side soil severely disturbed the natural geochemical cycle of the urban ecosystem (Shi et al., 2008; Yisa, 2010).
YISA AKINBOLAJI * YISAGALLERY.COM * From his native Nigeria to the University of North Dakota to his current home in Winnipeg, Canada, Visa Akin-bolaji sees art as one connected journey.
(31.) Wei Yisa, Zhen Yesu jiaohui chuangli shanshi zhounian jinian zhuankan (Commemorative volume on the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the True Jesus Church), (Nanjing: Zhen Yesu Jiaohui, 1948), pp.