YISEYoung Israel Shomrai Emunah (Silver Spring, MD)
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The fragment also displays a variety of subsidiary provocative forms: "intil," "whiles," "yise," "after," "when." The third of these, "yise" for "these," in conjunction with other items, would imply a copyist who originated from somewhere a little (south)west of York.
(20) In his explanation of the recontextualized phrase xianxian yise, Yan Shigu [??][??][??] (581-645), the authoritative Tang commentator on the Honshu, draws a sharp contrast between virtue and sex: [??][??][??][??],[??][??][??] "Exalt worthy men (but) be neglectful with regard to sex." (21) Yan's taking yi to mean qing lue [??][??] "neglectful, irreverent," prefigures, and is perhaps the basis of, Liu Baonan's understanding of the term.
Mandla's name is significant to a reading about the reinvigoration of men since Mandla ka Yise means my father's strength.(39)