YISIYork Internet Services, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
YISIYoung Israel of Staten Island (New York)
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(6) yi-ge fang (de) panzi 1 -CL square SUB plate 'a square plate' (7) yi-ge jia gudong 1 -CL fake antique 'a fake antique' (Zhu 1984: 7) (8) tianran (de) zhenzhu natural SUB pearl 'natural pearls' (9) juemi (de) wenjian top-secret sub document 'top-secret documents' (10) gongtong de yuyan common sub language 'a common language' (11) benlai de yisi original sub meaning 'the original meaning'
On Yisi [day], sui-sacrifice [to] Ancestor Yi one penned cow [and] X will pray.
The Moshi editors, who usually transcribe [Chinese Text Omitted] as [Chinese Text Omitted] do not do so in this case - for a reading of [Chinese Text Omitted] would make no sense - but provide instead, [Chinese Text Omitted], thus: "Crack-making on jiachen (day 41), Fu divined: 'The king will hunt and it should be on the next day, yi (i.e., yisi [day 42]); there will be no disasters.'"(54)
The next day, yisi (30 June), we buried him east of the station.