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YIVOYiddish Scientific Institute
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(33.) A typical Garlick receipt, for instance, included no specifically religious language to describe services rendered, which regularly included "Removing," "Hearse," "Machines," "Coffin," "Clothing," "Washing and Dressing," "Embalming" (frequently not performed), "Icing," "Grave Opening," "Sign on Grave," "Undertakers Service," and in some instances, "Chapel." For a large sample of bills, see Workmen's Circle Collection, RG 575, box 17, folder 1, YIVO.
"The story seems to unfold in slow motion as the painstaking exchange of letters journey across continents and from state to state, their information often outdated by the time they arrive," the New York Times wrote after reviewing the YIVO documents.
Accordingly, I have not standardized her text to accord to the system of transcription of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.
Petersburg University, received a doctorate at the University of Marburg, and in 1925 founded the Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut (YIVO) in Vilnius (Wilno)--the center of Yiddish culture.
Materials gathered for reconstructing this play came from scattered sources, including handwritten scripts from the Institute for Jewish Research YIVO archives, foreign pirated publications, and the author's personal collection of Yiddish sheet music.
Like the scholars at YIVO, Jewish socialists elevated Yiddish "to the status of a secular mystique," with some even arguing that Yiddish "was the vessel of all of Jewishness" (160-161).
It may not sound like light-hearted entertainment, but this recent production at YIVO, directed by and working from the English translation by Allen Lewis Rickman, was moving, thought provoking and uproariously funny.
The English article is a reworked translation of a speech Heschel gave in Yiddish at YIVO in January 1945, and went into his book-length eulogy and apotheosis of East European Jewish life: The Earth is the Lord's.
"Establishment of Ghettos." In YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, edited by Gershon David Hundert, 1:592-94.
(32) Vilna was the home of the Gaon, the great genius of rabbinical scholarship (and enemy of Hassidism) in the late 19th century, the birthplace of the Bund, a hotbed of Zionism, and the home from the late 1920s of YIVO, the Jewish Scientific Institute.
Frank asked for $5,000 from college friend Nathan Strauss Jr., whose father at the time owned Macy's department store, as he tried to escape Holland with his wife, mother-in-law and daughters Margot and Anne, according documents from the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York City.