YKRAYorkeys Knob Residents Association (Australia)
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Appetisers: Salted cucumbers (soleniye ogurscy) - a traditional vodka snack Herring in sheepskin coat (seledka pod shuboy) - small pieces of the herring mixed with the boiled potato, beet, carrot and mayonnaise Salmon caviar (ykra) - red or black.
"I'm there with the viewer and if I see some eccentric dancing, some peculiarity of dress, some eccentricity of the singer, usually the viewer sees it too and when it really works we make the same comment together." First up is last year's winner Dana International, who will sing her version of the Stevie Wonder hit song, Free, and several verses from the most famous Jewish Yemenite song of all time, Dror Va Ykra (Freedom Will Come).