YKVYlistaron Kilpa-Veljet (Finnish: Ylistaron Race Brothers; athletic group; Finland)
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The yKV underlined that in addition to being part of EU accession criteria, the establishment of the readmission mechanism is of great importance for Turkey in ensuring the internal and external security of the country.
yKV President Eumer Cihad Vardan said in a written press statement in English that this ratification is the final step before the agreement enters into force and that it has the ability "disentangle deadlocks" that have existed in Turkey-EU relations for more than 50 years.
The yKV has asked the Customs Union Joint Committee and Partnership Council to take necessary steps in order to solve the problem between the two countries.
Releasing a press release on Wednesday, the yKV welcomed the signing on Dec.
They shouldn't disappoint Turkish citizens," the yKV noted.
The yKV underlined that signing the readmission agreement is of great importance to Turkey in terms of the country's security more than its EU bid, and noted that visa-free travel for Turks being discussed along with the readmission agreement is a pleasing development.
While welcoming the visa-exemption dialogue, the yKV defined the EU's visa application procedure for Turkish citizens as an imposition that placed pressure on political, economic, judicial and humanitarian norms.
The yKV also drew attention to previous visa liberalization dialogues that were held between the EU and the other candidate countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying the citizens of those countries received the right to travel to EU countries in the Schengen zone without visas in two-and-a-half years.
Stating that Turkey had exerted great efforts since 2010 within the scope of the roadmap of visa liberalization, the yKV stressed that Turkey's only expectation from the EU was for it to take as supportive and fair a stance towards Turkey as it did to Western Balkan countries.
However, the EU supporting Turkey financially and technically is also of great importance," the yKV said.
The yKV stated that developing the visa exemption dialogue into Turkey's main goal of becoming a "full member of the EU" should be the top priority for both Turkey and the EU.