YLFYouth Leadership Forum
YLFYouth Leadership Foundation (various locations)
YLFYttrium Lithium Fluoride
YLFYour Loving Father
YLFYahoo Lending Facility (satire)
YLFRussian Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service Program (aka Russian-US Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service; International Research & Exchanges Board; Washington, DC)
YLFYouth Life Foundation (Washington, DC)
YLFYour Loving Friend
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YLF speaker Mustafa Akash highlighted the importance of career counseling and said that the career counseling helps to students in making future and choosing right field according to their skills and job expectations.
We detected the Yersinia-like fimbrial (YLF) gene by using CLC Genomics Workbench version 8.0.3 software, YP_110141.1, and blastn for each genome (CLCbio, Aarhus, Denmark) (26).
Peter Moulton, this laser uses a YLF (yttrium, lithium, fluoride) matrix rather than the vanadate matrix, as it is easier to scale to higher powers, and is the highest power output observed to date at repetition rates exceeding 10 kHz.
LF susceptibility index (LFSI) for each genotype was calculated as follows: LFSI = (1 - Ylf/Yhf)/LFII, where Ylf and Yhf are mean yields of a given genotype under LF and HF environments, respectively.
spuria N 109 0.25 Mangifera indica Ylf 54 0.12 Schizolobium parahybus Ys 35 0.08 Philodendron spp.
I arrived at the 2000 California Governor's Committee for the Employment of Disabled Persons' Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) with a mixture of eager anticipation and almost cynical wariness.
In 1992, California initiated the Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) concept, and the President's Committee for the Employment of People With Disabilities quickly picked up the idea.
The company's second LADAR test bed featured diode-pumped niobium: YLF lasers operating at both 1.047 and 1.32 |mu~m.
YLF student activity platform - photo via Facebook CAIRO -- 3 March 2019: The Chief Executive Officer of Youth Leaders Foundation (YLF), Ahmed Fathi, revealed Saturday the details of the student activity platform scheduled to be held on Tuesday at the American University in Cairo (AUC).
On behalf of 'Global Youth Clan' Chairman Tahir Khattak, souvenirs were presented to the chairman of 'Russian Union of Youth', Pavel Krasnorutsky, at the closing ceremony of YLF. The organizers of 'Young Leaders Forum' are happy with a magnanimous response of the international community, which is striving hard for economic growth of Asian Eastern region.
and engineering consultancy YLF Contracts and Costs Solutions.
thailandensis-like flagellar (BTFC)/Yersinia-like fimbrial (YLF) genetic markers were used for preliminary molecular characterization, which used primers and probes developed in-house based on the previously published sequences (20).