YLLYears of Life Lost
YLLYayasan Leuser Lestari (est. 1998; Indonesian non-profit)
YLLYoung Light Lords (gaming clan)
YLLYoung Language Learner
YLLAssessing Young Learners' Language (conference)
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Standard expectation of life for YLL calculations were extracted from life-table West Level 26.
To expand our understanding of the impact of temperature on health and to address drawbacks of existing literature, we estimated immediate and lagged effects of high and low daily temperatures on YLL across seven high-, middle- and low-income study sites.
The YLL award is open to anyone who has studied a language to GCSE or A Level and is based on older pupils coaching younger language learners throughout the academic year.
Dessa forma, o DALY, para uma doenca ou agravo, e constituido pela soma dos anos perdidos por morte prematura (YLLYears of Life Lost) e os anos de vida perdidos por incapacidade (YLD- Years Lost due Disability), resultando na formula de carga de doenca DALY = YLL + YLD.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to estimate the YLL for diseases that are directly attributable to alcohol (13,14), which according to the Tenth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases by the WHO (ICD-10) 15, are those diseases in which alcohol consumption inevitably contributes to the development of the disease (16).
The number of years between the premature death and the expected life are the YLL.
Lowering the BAC legal limit would result in a saving of 89 to 253 lives, more than 3,700 to almost 11,000 YLL, and 940 to 2,800 acute care hospital days in Canada per year.
DALY values were calculated as DALY = YLL + YLD, where YLL are the years of life lost because of premature death in the population and YLD are the years lived with disability for incident cases of the health condition (22).
DALY (disability-adjusted life year) = YLL (Years of Life Lost) + YLD (Years Lived with Disability)
Chen, Z, Wu, YLL, Chwa, E, Tham, O, "Scratch Resistance of Brittle Thin Films on Compliant Substrates.
While 70 per cent of the years of life lost (YLL) was attributable to communicable diseases (CD) in low income countries, 77 per cent of YLL was attributable to NCD in high income countries as per 2002 estimates.
Therefore, in the present estimation of DALY, YLL is zero and it reflects only YLD.