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Clarke, 32, wrote and appeared in the Yrst Ylm, but in Adulthood he takes on the role of director as well, after Kidulthood's helmer, Menhaj Huda, stepped down in order to concentrate on directing another Clarke pennedproject.
"There will always be someone who says jack of all trades master of none but until they are actually writing, directing and starring in their own Ylm, and have been given this chance by a Ylm company, they really shouldn't talk"
Though it undoubtedly raised his acting pro-Yle, Clarke says that playing the hapless space traveller did little to establish his reputation as a Ylm maker.
No one would put me as the lead in a Ylm because of the tv series.
I think if I went to any Ynanciers and said 'I am the guy in Doctor Who, give me the lead in a Ylm' they would laugh me out the door."
"Even if you don't understand the words you get the gist so I don't think it alienates people as much as the Yrst Ylm. And there are moments when the characters say things you can relate to no matter what your colour, creed or class."
I am from a council estate with a single mother and I am making Ylms "On the back of the Adulthood (promotional) t-shirts there's a little man on wearing a hooded top and holding cameras and it says 'Shoot Ylm.
Development of YLM, a codominant PCR marker closely linked to the Yd2 gene for resistance to barley yellow dwarf disease.
He also revived his family's engineering Wair as a movie technical adviser, co-produced a Ylm and even composed a song: Daybreak.