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The YMAA leads the scroll and screw market in part load efficiency and the YMAA/YMPA gets the best sound performance in the market with no efficiency compromise.
YMAA did not have a program due to lack of funding, but YMAA members delivered emergency RE in response to incidents.
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In the first DVD exercises were presented by students from the YMAA Retreat Center from their first year of training: this sequel follows the second year of training and is especially powerful when used as a continuation of studies from its predecessor.
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As president of Yang's Martial Arts Association (YMAA), he has written three dozen books, produced eighty videos, and maintains more than fifty-five training schools in eighteen countries.
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Two excellent DVDs from YMAA Publications and instructor Lee Holden guide viewers of all skill and experience levels to Qi Gong, an ancient movement practice in Chinese medicine that promotes a healthy body and tranquil mind.