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YMBYeast Mannitol Broth
YMBYahoo Mail Beta
YMBYoung Members Board (UK)
YMBYoung Moolah Baby
YMBYou Mad, Bro?
YMBYukon Municipal Board (Canada)
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Following the acquisition, YMB Properties has pushed a brand new redesign of the Infographic Cafe site (http://infographiccafe.com/) to improve its usability for the general interest of the public.
Fresh inoculum of each isolate was prepared in 100 mL conical flask containing 50 mL sterilized YMB and incubated for 3 days in orbital shaking incubator at 28 +- 1oC and 100 rpm.
Any individual cooper wishing to start up a shop must pay a sum of 6 [pounds sterling] 13s., half to the mayor and half to the searchers of the craft, "pur sustiner lour pagyne" (to support their pageant; YMB 1:68).
Last year (2008), Semyon Mogilevich, thought to control one of Russia's largest mafia syndicates, was arrested, among other issues, for allegedly defrauding investors in a Canadian company YMB Magnex International.
YMB was the recipient of Higher Education Authority Strand I postgraduate funding under the Technological Sector Research Programme supported by the Irish National Development Plan 2000-2006.
Nu ic fitte gen ymb fisca cynn wille wodcraefte wordum cypan purh modgemynd bi pam miclan hwale.
Beowulf raises the issue of disarmament approximately halfway through his first speech to the king, however, creating the sense of disarming, if not the actual act, by the declaration of his intention to engage Grendel hand to hand: ic [thorn]aet [thorn]onne forhicge, min mondrihten [thorn]aet ic sweord bere geolorand to gu[thorn]e, fon wi[eth] feonde swa me Higelac sie, modes bli[eth]e, o[thorn][eth]e sidne scyld, ac ic mid grape sceal ond ymb feorh sacan.
(13) Mean incomes for the urban aged in China have been converted to US$ using the fixed yuan/USdollar exchange rate of 1US$ = 8.27 ymb. A further conversion to A$ has then been applied using the A$/US$ purchasing power parity estimate of 1.31 in 2000 (OECD, Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) for OECD Countries, 1980-2004, OECD, Paris, 2005), implying that the yuan/A$ conversion rate is 1A$=6.31 ymb.
Canada's Health Products and Food Protection Branch recently approved YMB's request to conduct a Phase I/II study of its EGF receptor antibody.
So, we must believe that the single syllable of the first foot ymb has equal duration to the five syllables of the second sittendra ofer!
God ana wat, Cyning aelmihtig hu his gecynde bio, wifehades pe weres; paet ne wat aenig monna cynnes butan Meotod ana hu pa wisan sind wundorlice, faeger fyrngesceap ymb paes fugles gebyrd.