YMBEYear's Maximum Pensionable Earnings (Canada)
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Ne purfon me ymbe Stur-mere stedefaeste haelep wordum aetwitan, nu min wine gecrang, paet ic hlafordleas ham sioie, wende fram wige; ac me sceal waepen niman, ord and iren." (246-53a)
23) AEfter [thorn]isum haefde se cyng mycel ge[thorn]aeaht and swide deope spaece wid his witan ymbe [thorn]is land hu hit waere gesett odde mid hwylcon mannon
In the sermon on the beheading of John the Baptist, Clemoes, Catholic Homilies I, 452, AElfric seems about to discuss the spiritual meaning of the pericope: "nu wylle we ymbe pyses godspelles trahtnunge sume swutelunge eow gereccan" ["now we will give you an explanation of the exposition of this gospel"].
The oars and sail of his rhetorical ship-of-learning-as-a-voyage-of-discovery allegory, We oethrynon mid urum arun tha yoan thaes deopan waelis; we gesawon eac tha muntas ymbe thaere sealtan sae strande, and we mid adhenedum hroegle and gesundfullure windum thaer gewicedon on tham gemoerum thaere foegerestan theode (i.1.145-8), recall Cicero's vela orationis and dialecticorum remis, Curtius' earliest example of his 'nautical metaphors' topos,(1) and his rejection of the pagan Sirens and Muses, Ic hate gewitan fram me tha meremen the synt sirene geciged, and eac tha Castalidas nymphas (thaet synt dunylfa) tha the wunedon on Elicona thaere dune (iii.1.205-7), which borrows two Aldhelm glosses from the Third Cleopatra Glossary (Ker, No.
Wid ymbe him eorpan, oferweorp mid pinre swipran handa under pinum swipran fet, and cwet: Fo ic under fot, funde ic hit.
The amount of time indicated by this phrase is usually said to be |a good part of the day', with hwil in an indefinite sense, and daeg in a definite one, or |the space of a day', with hwil in a more definite sense.(2) That these are linguistically sound translations is confirmed by the occurrence in Old English of the phrases on anes daeges hwile, in the space of a single day', and ymbe anes daeges hwile, |about a day's space'.(3) However, this meaning gives rise to a contextual difficulty in Beowulf, for it serves to endow the hero with the fantastic, supernatural ability to swim underwater for hours on end.