YMBSYou Must Be Stopped
YMBSYamaha Marine Business System (boats)
YMBSYou Might Be Stupid
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& his II suna ymb toast rice wunnon, Artecserses & Cirus, op hiora aeegper paet maeste folc ongean operne geteah, & pa unsibbe mid gefeohtum dreogende waeron op Cirus ofslagen weard, se paer gingra waes.
(Christ A, B, C: 666) Ic [thorn]aere sawle ma geornor gyme ymb [thorn]aes gaestes forwyrd [thorn]onne [thorn]aes lichoman, se [thorn]e on legre sceal weor[eth]an in worulde wyrme to hro[thorn]or, bifolen in foldan.
(Christ A, B, C: 1252) AEfter [thorn]aem for Hannibal ofer Bardan [thorn]one beorg, [thorn]eh [thorn]e ymb [thorn]one tieman waeren swa micel snawgebland swa [thorn]aette aeg[thorn]er ge [thorn]ara horsa fela forwurdon ge [thorn]a elpendas ealle buton anum, ge [thorn]a men selfe unea[eth]e [thorn]one ciele genoeson.