YMDYear Month Day
YMDYes My Dear
YMDYouth Movement for Democracy
YMDYale Microarray Database (genes)
YMDYazoo Mississippi Delta
YMDYoung Mental Drylaw (Edinburgh gang)
YMDY-Maze Discrimination
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The induction of photoautotrophic growth in YMD coconut seedlings after 4-5 months of in vitro cultivation by reducing the sucrose concentration (43.8 mm or less), associated with C[O.sub.2] enrichment (1,600 [micro]mol [mol.sup.-1]C[O.sub.2], in the light phase and 350 [micro]mol [mol.sup.-1]C[O.sub.2] in the dark phase) for two months before acclimatization resulted in efficient production and cost reduction (SAMOSIR and ADKINS, 2014).
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The first Mitsubishi-UE engine completed by YMD is the "6UEC43LSII," featuring a power output of 6,300 kW or 8,580 PS (pferdestarke) at 160 rpm (revolutions per minute).
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