YMTYamaha Motor Taiwan
YMTYouth Mission Team (Australia)
YMTYoung Managers Team (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)
YMTChibougamau, Quebec, Canada - Chibougamau (Airport Code)
YMTYouth Musical Theatre (various organizations)
YMTDistrict Tug, Motor (US Navy)
YMTYanko Moto Tours (Motorcycle Tour Company in Chile)
YMTYouth Music Tasmania Inc
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“We're looking for the brightest entrepreneurs in Ohio to participate in the Entrepreneur Exchange Program,” said Mary McCarthy, president, YMT. “It's an honor to be one of only eight organizations in the entire nation to provide this dynamic program, which provides for companies with the desire to grow beyond the early stages.
Foram comparadas as orelhas direita e esquerda nas respostas das EOAT (Figura 1) e da timpanometria com tom de sonda de 226 e 1000Hz nas variaveis de Pressao do Pico Timpanometrico (PPT), Admitancia do pico compensado (Ymt) e Volume do meato acustico externo (Vmae) (Figura 2).
YMT, the company's national music theatre company for people aged 11 to 21, is on a talent trawl of 24 cities and will be at Dance City, Newcastle, on Saturday.
With patrons including Ed Sheeran, James Bourne and Zoe Wanamaker, YMT is the country's national music theatre company for young people aged 11-21 offering training and mentoring for performers, musicians, stagehands or administrators.
She enthused: "The opportunity to adapt one of my novels on this scale with an organisation like YMT is a great privilege and I am delighted to be involved in the production."
Aspiring young performers can book their place for YMT's 2013 Workshop & Audition Tour online at www.youthmusictheatreuk.org.
The YMT is once again launching a nationwide search for the best actors, singers, dancers, musicians and stage managers to join their company in 2012.
Its 2012 season will include four revivals of YMT productions and five new musicals.
From table 3, it is clear that the names of automobile (auto) parts, which are here regarded as auto technical terms (ATTs), are written by the mechanics the way they pronounce them as speakers of Yoruba (as) Mother Tongue (YMT).
One key to this adhesion appears to be the production of Ymt, a flea intestinal adhesion factor (i.e.
Valores totais da lamina aplicada (ETr), da evapotranspiracao maxima da cultura (ETm), do deficit de evapotranspiracao relativa (1 - ETr/ETm), da producao real total (Yrt), da producao maxima total (Ymt) e da queda de rendimento relativo (1 - Yrt/Ymt) nos diversos tratamentos realizados na cultura do mamoeiro Hibrido UENF/ CALIMAN01 ETr ETm Tratamento (mm) (mm) (1-ETr/ETm) T1 (50% ETo) 1048,99 1571,41 0,3324 T2 (75% ETo) 1260,52 1571,41 0,1978 T3 (100% ETo) 1413,67 1571,41 0,1004 T4 (125% ETo) 1460,96 1571,41 0,0703 T5 (150% ETo) 1479,12 1571,41 0,0587 Yrt Ymt Tratamento (t [ha.sup.-1]) (t [ha.sup.-1]) (1-Yrt/Ymt) T1 (50% ETo) 40,09 49,91 0,1969 T2 (75% ETo) 45,62 49,91 0,0860 T3 (100% ETo) 45,53 49,91 0,0879 T4 (125% ETo) 47,41 49,91 0,0502 T5 (150% ETo) 49,42 49,91 0,0099
Detectives are particularly interested in the YMT, based on the north side of Glasgow, because of a clash with rivals from nearby Cadder in which a 15-year-old was left fighting for his life.