YMTAYukon Mine Training Association
YMTAYouth Maritime Training Association (est. 1996; Washington)
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(18.) YMta underscores that, on account of the word sudrena, the rule applies to sudras only, not to members of the higher vornas: atra ca sudragrahanad dvijatina dasyam utpannah pitur icchayapy amsam na labhate, napy ardham, durato eva krtsnam.
Other commentators are of the same opinion, but their use of the reflexive sva- may be ambiguous: YMta svabhagad ardham; MMdha svamsapeksaya atmana dvau dvau parigrhniyur bhagua tasyaikam dadyuh; Vra #1513, Mra 337 svabhagapeksaya; Pma 523 svabhagad ardhabhaginam kuryuh; YMtaSbo svamsapeksaya ardham samuditadravyad dadyuh; similarly, YMtaBbha.
He translates: "if permitted (Dbha 9.29) for M, but "by the choice of the father" (Dbha 9.30) and "by the father's choice" (1798: 5.174, and YMta I.xii, 1) for Y.