YN2Yeoman Second Class (Naval Rating)
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YN2 LeBaron: I heard about [ACA certification] last year when I first checked on board the brig.
YN2 LeBaron: I'm not going to lie, even though I have a certification, I don't work with the prisoners on a daily basis like everyone else.
YN2 LeBaron: They should pursue it only because it's something you most likely won't obtain or get a chance to obtain again anywhere else, because working here is a special duty operation for Navy personnel, so this is the only place that we can obtain a qualification or certification of this nature unless someone would get out and pursue a corrections job in the civilian world.
[32] measured quantitative grain fluorescence (QGF) parameters for eighty-six core samples from wells YN2, YN5, YN4, and YS4 (locations in Figure 1) to determine the paleo oil-water contacts.
Figure 3 shows that the gas of the Lower Jurassic is distributed in plays near wells YN2 and DB102.
Caption: FIGURE 9: Burial and hydrocarbon charge history of Lower Jurassic reservoirs in well YN2 revealing two important hydrocarbon charges and the early liquid hydrocarbon invaded when the formation temperature ranged from 85 to 105[degrees]C corresponding to 25-20 Ma and the late light hydrocarbon was filled from 15 Ma to 5 Ma (115-150[degrees]C).
"My duties of identifying and disposing of military property properly prevented the Taliban from using it against the warfighter," YN2 Obando said.
Additionally, providing DLA training provides Sailors like LS3 Fekade and YN2 Obando a unique, Joint experience.
As YN2 Lopez would agree, it is indeed a very rewarding and daunting challenge, requiring 100 percent awareness as well as incredible professional patience and calmness in extremely adverse psychological warfare.
Speakers blare North Korean propaganda, uncharted minefields are steps away and a red phone rings as the trembling hand of YN2 Isaac Lopez reaches to answer it.
Master Chief Master at Arms James Cummings, Chief Yeoman Robert Pickert, YN2 Roy Davis, YN2 Johnny Cook and Mess Management Specialist 3rd Class William Mayberry are basically the station's alligator Search and Rescue squad.
Pictured at right, from right, are LT Paul Morris, NAVSUP Disbursing Project Officer; YN2 Stacey Mattocks, administrative assistant to the NAVSUP CNO directed Command Master Chief; ADM Clark; Tara Spadt, a NAVSUP financial management intern; and RADM McCarthy.