YN3Yeoman Third Class (Naval Rating)
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At court, along with two senior chiefs and his first class, YN3 Gutierrez was glad to find that his DUI charge was thrown out, due to a problem with the police officer's paperwork.
YN3 Gutierrez sums up his experience succinctly: "I was lucky." He adds, "It was good that I got stopped, because something much worse could have happened farther down the road that night."
Not just because he was working in the admin department at the Naval Safety Center, YN3 Gutierrez knew that he needed a DUI-avoidance plan before going to a Halloween party with a friend.
For genomic DNA extraction, cells from YN3 were collected by centrifugation at 15,000 x g for 15 min and stored at -20[degrees]C until DNA extraction.
mRNA copy numbers of transcribed rdhAs were examined by RT-qPCR in YN3 spiked with CEs, using specific primers (Table S1, supplementary material).
A serial transfer culture established from CE-contaminated river sediment, using 1 mM PCE and 500 [micro]M cis-DCE, yielded two enrichment cultures: an unstable PCE-dechlorinating culture and the stable cis-DCE-to-ETH-dechlorinating YN3 (Figure S1, supplementary material).
PCE-to-ETH Dechlorination in YN3. Figure 1(a) shows the changes in PCE and the dechlorination products in YN3 throughout incubation.
Population of Dehalococcoides and Non-Dehalorespiring Bacteria in the YN3 Metagenome.
Putting aside her own physical exhaustion and personal danger, YN3 Lucas forced her head and both arms into the rear passenger-side window of the crushed, unstable vehicle.
Once I was inside, YN3 Lucas instinctively said, "Don't undo the seat belt.
As soon as I had located another woman to stay with him, I went back to check on YN3 Lucas' situation.
I then ran to check on the mother and father--both seemed to be doing OK--so I again headed to the wrecked vehicle to see how YN3 Lucas was doing.