YNAOYamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia)
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The exploration and exploitation phases of northern areas like the YNAO and NAO were launched in the 1960s with extensive resource prospecting.
In the YNAO, indigenous lifeways of the Nenets, Khanty, Komi-izhemtsy and Sel'kup fishermen, reindeer herders, and hunters--many of whom are still nomadic or semi-nomadic--are comparatively well preserved.
The immediate objectives were to characterize the effects of two to three decades of industrial development of oil and gas on traditional livelihoods and the supporting society in the YNAO and NAO.
Today the YNAO is numerically the world's most productive reindeer herding region, with 631000 domestic reindeer herded by approximately 14500 nomadic Nenets and to a lesser extent by Komi and Khanty families (data as of 2006, A.