YOBCYouth Orchestra of Bucks County (Pennsylvania)
YOBCYour Own Business Center (Cedar City, UT)
YOBCYour Own Business Coach
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We should note the difference between Burushaski and neighbouring Shina ei 'sheep' and Wakhi yobc 'ewe', which eliminates them as a source of borrowing.
Med ovca) < *owi-ka, Luw hawa/i-, Lycian xawa, OInd avih, all: 'sheep', (Pali avi 'ram', Shina ei 'sheep', etc.), Arm hoviw 'shepherd', Gk o(w)is 'sheep', Wakhi yobc 'ewe', TochB eye (<*[h.sub.2]oueis) 'sheep', pi.